Best POS Software for Restaurant Businesses in Qatar

A Restaurant POS system or a point of sale software can help your businesses add more flexibility to your operations by efficiently using the resources available at your pace. The Point of sale software automates your business operations and offers the best operational structure by streamlining every activity, this will help in boosting your business revenue. If you want to learn more about how Point of Sale software can help your business grow then please continue reading this blog further.

Why do Restaurant businesses need a Point-of-sale (POS) system?

Traditional restaurant businesses have a lot of processes being manual rather than automated which means you will take a lot of time in completing processes that you could save it using automated systems.

So these point of purchase systems can help you in automating the store operations and providing a simple and satisfying shopping experience to your customers. You can also track the pricing, inventory, and purchase, and on top of that, you can also control your sales patterns from anywhere by analyzing the business performance. This will help you boost the revenue.

You can stay competitive by providing your customers flexible shopping experience and increasing convenience with digital solutions. The software can also help you in streamlining all the operations from purchase to sales, loyalty, CRM, multi-store management, accounting, and integrations.

Hence it serves as a powerful tool to run your business effectively and efficiently.

Benefits of using a POS software in Restaurant Business

Let me tell you 5 key benefits of a Point of purchase software which will definitely convince you in implementing one.

  1. Customer Experience through the enhanced way of shopping and better UI
  2. Automated business operations helping you in business growth
  3. Easy tracking of business operations helping you in providing timely digital solutions
  4. High operational excellence saving you process time
  5. Accelerated solutions provide you with maximum security

What features does the Right Restaurant POS solution have?

Any Point of Sale solution must have 6 features that I will be presenting to you to detect if you are using the right software or not. Remember that this software will contribute to your business in every area and not just managing bills and transactions. So let’s discuss the aforementioned features that will confirm the right solution for you.

  1. It should manage multiple requests, accept payments, and support mobile billing. This will help you to manage the peak hours efficiently.
  2. Your system should attract customers by providing multiple promotional offers and discounts.
  3. It should support omnichannel solutions to acquire new customers. This will help you drive more sales.
  4. Digital mobile solutions can accelerate your growth.
  5. There should be a centralized web-based supply chain management system.
  6. Your system should provide the freedom to integrate third-party solutions.

Why is FSQatar the best Retail POS solution for Restaurant businesses in Qatar?

FSQatar Point of Sale system helps you serve the best to your customers. Our software will help you embrace agility and transform your business digitally to stay competitive in the dynamic market.

We provide the most reliable and best in business solutions that will aid your restaurant businesses perfectly.

We also offer customized features for your restaurant businesses ranging from small independent stores to local chains and large enterprises.

Why is our eZee Restaurant POS system ideal for you?

In 9 easy steps, I will show you how eZee Restaurant Point of Purchase system serves best for your restaurant.

1. Powerful Menu Management:

The eZee restaurant management system allows you to set up as many menus as you would like. For example seasonal, periodic, and happy hours to just name a few. It even makes the menu pricing effortless providing a good user experience.

  • Arrange Multiple Menus
  • Customize the menu items
  • Activate and Deactivate items

2. Intelligent Inventory and Stock Management

The eZee restaurant software offers you a smart way for real-time tracking of inventory levels and ingredients. This leads to increased cost-effectiveness and reduced wastage and discrepancies in stock. Hence it simplifies your stock management.

  • Real-time Inventory
  • Set stock levels
  • Initiate transfer of items

3. Accurate Billing

The eZee Restaurant software makes your billing process a no-sweat. It provides you options to split bills, give guest checks, and provide multiple payment modes to customers through the restaurant billing software.

  • Settle receipts swiftly
  • Your discounts get automated
  • Track and control balanced receipts

4. Secure User Privileges

Like every person in the restaurant has different responsibilities, so should the level of information they have access to. Our restaurant point of purchase system takes care of this situation and enables you to:

  • Create User Roles
  • Grant Privileges
  • Track activity Logs

5. Swift Reporting and Analysis

The eZee restaurant management system allows you to swiftly analyze your reports and come up with digital solutions.

  • Daily Reporting
  • Statistical & Sales Reports
  • Audit & Back-Office Reports

6. Roles and Privileges for Restaurant Chains

To run your restaurant chain effectively, it is important to provide some responsibility to your staff. Our restaurant software enables you to assign roles and give access to all your restaurant outlets’ staff. This way, it also lets you keep an eye on what the staff is doing from one place.

  • Enhanced Security
  • Prioritize Access
  • Remote Tracking

7. Chain of Restaurants

Stop relying upon managers to check the complete report of your restaurant outlets. Take complete access to the restaurant’s activities and manage the multiple outlets seamlessly.

  • Configure & Manage Outlets 
  • One-Stop Supervision 
  • Regulate User Access

8. Mobile Order Tracking Application

The Application gives the flexibility to perform operations instantly without any delay. Track performance from both Android and iOS mobile devices. 

  • Manage your orders even when you are traveling 
  • Perform daily tasks at your finger-tips 
  • Increased accuracy and productivity 

9. Convinient Templating System

The eZee restaurant management system allows you a convenient templating system that will attract you new customers and provide existing customers with better experiences.


In order to stay relevant in modern times and make your system automated and robust a well-chosen system is a must for restaurant systems. Now that you have gained more knowledge about how a Point of sale system works and what features one must look at, we hope you will apply it while choosing the best system for you. If you want to learn more about it, you can visit this link.

We also provide various services related to point of purchase, IT solutions, Digital services and GIS Satellite Imagery which you can check out.

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